Diversity and Inclusion

How we strive for diversity

We encourage clients to accept resumes free from name, gender and any identifiers that could create unconscious bias in selection. Augmented writing platforms help both us and clients avoid bias in job ads. To further the conversation, we regularly host events which focus on how businesses can make their workplaces more inclusive.

We aren’t afraid to stand up for what we believe in. In fact, we were the first company to provide corporate fundraising for the Marriage Equality (ME) campaign in Australia.

The 100% Human at Work initiative is engrained in our culture. It encourages people to bring their whole selves to work. A partnership with Virgin Unite’s B Team and Talent, we work to promote the values of the initiative within Talent and across Australia.

We offer different benefits to suit all life stages including flexible work options, paid parental leave and support for parents, study leave, health and wellbeing initiatives, volunteer days.  

Walking the talk

As a leader in our field, we have a duty to inspire the companies we work with to look beyond stereotypes and find exceptional people from all backgrounds to join their teams.

Our proud achievements

  • HRD Australia Top Performing Company in Diversity and Inclusion - 2018 and 2019.
  • Gallup Global Great Workplace Award - 2019.
  • 50% of Talent board directors are female.
  • We have LGBTI representation at the board level
  • 45% of managers are female.
  • The Talent staff engagement survey results ranked diversity and inclusion well above world class averages. Engagement scores were equal across gender.
  • Talent attrition rates are 12% (compared to the 25-30% industry average).

Human: Global perspectives
​on diversity in tech

"Stories are data with a soul" - Brene Brown

Talent's global book Human, takes a different look at diversity in tech by showcasing the stories behind the statistics. Featuring firsthand accounts of 25 inspiring people around the world, the book offers key learnings into what the technology community is doing to embrace diversity and inclusivity from the perspective of the individual.

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Talent RISE

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live their best lives. Through our foundation, Talent RISE, we find solutions to youth unemployment by empowering young people and giving them better access to resources they need to secure a job. Focusing on inclusion, Talent RISE works with young people from all backgrounds who have challenging barriers to employment, to support, mentor and place them into jobs.

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Mark Nielsen

As a leader in our field, we have a duty to inspire the companies we work with to look beyond stereotypes and find exceptional people from all backgrounds to join their teams. This is one of the ways we can redefine recruitment and something we feel strongly about.

Mark Nielsen, APAC CEO // Talent

Richard Diversity

My true belief is that embracing diversity is essential to the success and advancement of every organisation.      

Richard Earl, Founder & Executive Chairman // Talent

Bianca Jones

As a leader I encourage my team to bring their whole self to work. We have an inclusive culture here that thrives on diverse personalities. I have found that diversity policies can bring diverse people into your workplace but it’s the inclusive practices that will keep them there. An organisation needs both.

Bianca Jones, NZ Country Manager // Talent

Our diverse team



Parents or caretakers of children






Identify as LGBTQ+



Held refugee status



Languages other than English



Lived in a country other than Australia or New Zealand



Neurologically diverse