I have been given amazing support transitioning to a consultant role. At Talent, no matter what section of the business you work in, everyone is always happy to help out, offer advice or just have a chat. We are a very social bunch and I love being able to work somewhere that I am so proud of.

Rosie, Senior Candidate Manager // Sydney

I absolutely love my job helping young people into employment who need guidance and support. Talent differentiates itself by having a foundation that gives back to community and I’m so proud to be working here.

Amy, Talent RISE Manager // Sydney

Team Talent welcomed me with open arms and I quickly saw first-hand why we were so highly regarded and respected in the market. From the top, the family like culture that permeates through the business is one of many reasons I have found Talent to genuinely be such a great place to work!

Sam Scarfo, Senior Consultant // Adelaide

I joined Talent to make a difference to people in a positive manner. Too many recruitment companies are focused on profit at all cost; Talent is truly different. The values and vision of the company are lived, not simply spoken, at all levels throughout the company.

Colin, CEO – North America // San Francisco

I have pride in what Talent does. I have always felt the importance of my existence in the business because my efforts are regularly recognised. My colleagues are highly knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. The HR and senior management at Talent are considerate about employees’ well-being, their motivation, career growth and regular learning/upskilling. Every day is a new day here.

Kapil, Candidate Manager // Adelaide

When I first joined Talent I had little experience. Since then I have built a strong team. Being a young woman in leadership has been and continues to be an amazing experience and something I had never considered before joining Talent. I really feel valued working at Talent, and the amount of thought and energy that goes into our professional development, engagement and recognition is incredible.

Tash, Candidate Manager Team Lead // Auckland

Talent is so much more than meets the eye. It is truly inspiring to be part of an organisation that has dedicated itself to solving real issues like youth unemployment through our foundation, Talent RISE. The people I work with are also fantastic and unconditionally supportive.

Thomas, Senior Consultant // Sydney

I joined Talent with almost no recruitment experience. I am now a specialist in the digital space and hope to continue growing this. One of my favourite things about Talent is the focus on “giving back”. Knowing you’re a part of a company that cares about the greater good is huge for me.

Lauren, Digital Candidate Manager // Sydney

I’ve worked with Talent for the past 2 years. During this time, they has gone out of their way to work with us to understand our business and support requirements. The consultant regularly provide high end talent to fill our vacant roles and does so in a very timely manner. They take the time to check in with us as a business, as well as the staff member who they placed, to ensure both parties needs are being met. I’m proud to have Talent as a recruitment supplier, not only for the services that they provide to me, but also to the community with programs like RISE for local youth unemployment.

Luke, Swin

Besides the recognition and development of its people – the culture is what really makes Talent break from the pack. Knowing our team achievements will be recognised motivates us to reach our goals. It’s truly a culture of positivity and respect.

Luke, Head of Credit & Risk // Auckland

Talent is a dynamic and exciting place to work. It provides a platform for new ideas, passion and actually caring about people. I don’t think of coming to work as “work” as I love what I do and that is because we are given the opportunity to think outside the box and our opinions are valued.

Linda, Senior Consultant // Perth

It’s the vibe. We are a cohesive and supportive team. We’re all focused and work hard, but have a tonne of fun along the way.

Tina, Consultant // Wellington