Talent Day 2017

On Friday 8 September we celebrated a special day – something we call Talent Day – marking the foundation of the company back in 1995.

Over the company’s 22 years, it has become a tradition that each Talent Day we devote time to reflect and give back to local communities across the globe.

Team Talent at Talent Day 2017

It’s become a day where we stop what we are doing to give our time to local causes that each of our offices have a particular interest in. And Friday was no different, with a whole range of inspiring activities occurring right across the company.

Across Australia, our six Talent offices celebrated Talent Day by getting involved in a range of different causes. Our Perth Branch took the residents from Nulsen Haven out for the day and our Adelaide and Brisbane teams got involved by helping unemployed young people from YourTown with a coaching and training employment workshop.

The team in Canberra joined our Defence Service Men and Women to help raise funds and awareness for Legacy Australia and in Melbourne, the team supported PCYC houses for homeless youth.

Team Talent participating in Talent Day 2017 activities

Across Sydney, the Talent crew got involved with several communities and charities, such as WhiteLion, helping youths develop job-ready skills; the Weave group, cooking a BBQ for Redfern social housing and taking some of the younger people for a fun day at Luna Park; and also WorkVentures where the Talent Group IT team went out and supported new IT trainees.

Team Talent participating in activities at Talent Day 2017

Across New Zealand, the teams in Wellington and Auckland cooked up a storm at the Ronald McDonald House Charities and helped out with some chores. Our Hong Kong branch celebrated Talent Day by volunteering at the Food Angel kitchen prepping meals.

Team Talent participating in Talent Day 2017 activities

And in San Francisco, US, the Talent crew teamed up with St Anthony’s who have been serving the poor and homeless for over 50 years.

Team Talent participating in Talent Day 2017 activities

For Talent, giving back is an integral part of the organisation’s core mission – reflected through, not only Talent Day, but Talent’s charitable foundation, Talent RISE, whose goal is to lower the youth unemployment rate by equipping young people with job-ready skills, providing genuine employment opportunities and igniting the confidence needed to land a job and keep it.

Our Founder, Richard Earl, is the passionate leader behind the philanthropic culture and social responsibility of the organisation.

In a message to his team, he said, “Most of us at Talent are fortunate to have the lives we do. However, there are many out there who need help and support, and whilst a couple of hours won’t change the world, it’s a start. Hopefully, it makes all of us think about how we could do more.

“That’s what Talent Day is all about and that’s what our foundation, Talent RISE, is about.”

Hear more about what Richard had to say in the video below, and to find out more about Talent RISE please click here.