Top 10 highest paying tech jobs in Australia 2020

The global tech market is constantly growing and evolving, leading to a major disruption in the working landscape. With new jobs being developed and existing roles evolving for the modern world of work, you have a choice to either be a disruptor or risk being left behind. It’s no surprise that the most dynamic and transformative roles come with higher salaries and incentives. What are the 10 jobs in technology that make the list as Australia’s highest paying in 2020? Let’s explore:

10. Programme Manager

Overseeing and coordinating a company’s projects and programs, the Programme Manager is tasked with ensuring they run based on the overall vision of the company and align with its goals. In 2020, the scope of this role is expanding. According to our Practice Manager in Sydney, Alan Dowdall, “Automation and AI are working their way into programme and project management. With software that can perform complex tasks from scheduling to data visualisation, informed decisions can be made based on the captured insights”. Being able to analyse data and use it to make informed decisions is what will allow you to take your company to new heights.

Expect to earn: $150k-$210k

9. Enterprise Architect

Going into the new decade, the Enterprise Architect is facing new challenges. As this role is primarily concerned with the ideation of new strategies in response to emerging technologies, staying on top of tech trends is key. According to Alan, “the most prominent challenge facing Enterprise Architects in 2020 is cloud migration. The shift away from on-premises to a single or even multi-cloud means that Enterprise Architects need to consider impact working in a cloud native environment from a cost and security perspective”.

The security issues associated with cloud migration have resulted in the scope of this role being redefined, with Alan explaining, “Customer privacy and data security demand that EA’s are evolving with ever changing regulations”. The key takeaway here: adaptability breeds success.

Expect to earn: $150k-$225k

8. Cloud Architect

“It’s all in the cloud”. It was called ‘Hosting’ back then and MSP’s have been doing it for years but with the evolution of containerisation and microservices, Cloud was born. As a Cloud Architect, one of the newest roles on this list, it’s a modern role, fit for the modern age. With everything moving in to the cloud, the ease with which we can access and store infinite amounts of data is increasing. So, designing the infrastructure to support this, all the while using your skills in cloud computing, solution architecture and software development, means that you’re in high demand! According to LinkedIn, there has been a 22% increase in professionals in this role over the past year, so now is the time to be working in this position.   

Expect to earn: $170k - $230k

7. Chief Product Officer

According to Lauren Johnson, Talent’s specialist in this area, “The CPO role has become more prevalent in the last few years. Companies have established product functions and therefore CPO’s are now a necessity for most tech and digital organisations, as opposed to being a ‘nice to have’”. Not only are these roles growing in popularity, but they are also redefining the scope of other positions. As Lauren explains, “newly created product management roles work closely with CMOs and CTOs, and often create new ways of looking at things for the business. It’s the intersection of business priorities and vision, all with the customer at the centre”. As a Chief Product Officer, you are in the driver’s seat of transformation for your company. You are a leader of change.

Expect to earn: $180k - $250k

6. Chief Customer Officer

The customer is key. You hear it again and again, but it holds true. Customers are at the heart of what every company does, so taking their wants and needs into consideration will only offer up benefits for your company.

According to Lauren, “CCO roles are the newest role that continues to gain momentum, but the challenge here is that ‘Chief Customer Officer’ means something different in each organisation. In one company, a CCO could be someone who has come from a UX background, whereas, in another it’s more of a marketing focussed role. There’s no right or wrong answer here – each CCO role is specific to the needs of that particular organisation”. This wide scope is slowly seeing the Chief Marketing Officer evolve into the Chief Customer Officer. However, in all definitions of the role, the customer is central to strategy. Lauren explains that increasingly, what is expected of professionals in these roles is a people-oriented focus, “No matter what industry you’re in, businesses are built on having the right workforce, so it makes sense that Executives put this at the centre of their strategy”. Sage advice if you are a leader in this new decade.

Expect to earn: $180k-$250k

5. Head of Data Science/Data Science Director

Data science is one of the most in-demand roles of 2020. Data is now more valuable than oil and we all know how much money is spent on speculatively mining the planet’s resources! Lauren explains the importance of having this data analysis skillset and cites it as the main area that executives are upskilling in. “As an executive, you need to be able to justify your strategy, vision and direction around evidence. To do this, you need to be able to pull insights out of the numbers and create actions”. Data is king, so it’s no surprise that the fastest growing skill among CEOs in 2020 is data analysis. This has seen a 23% growth over the past year. Data analysis is a great skill to possess, not only as a Data Science Director, but as any tech executive, as data driven decision making will hold you in good stead going in to the future.

Expect to earn: $200k-$250k

4. Chief Digital Officer

It’s 2020. Transformation is a given and the global market is rapidly changing. Companies need to keep up. To stay relevant and drive growth, the role of the Chief Digital Officer becomes increasingly important. That is why there is immense hiring demand for these types of professionals and why it makes the list as the 3rd highest paying tech role in Australia. Tasked with leading digital transformation in your company, the most common skills possessed by those in the talent pool are digital strategy, stakeholder management and business analysis. Lauren explains that “you need to balance the scale around customer focus and delivering value to the business”. Master this balance and you will deliver results.

Expect to earn: $220k - $290k

3. Chief Security Officer

If data is the new oil, security is the militia of the modern age that every company must have prepared for battle. According to Lauren, “Security roles are gaining massive momentum. As everything moves in to the cloud, security becomes a major focus. Both companies and customers need to know that their data is secure. The rate at which this is happening is exponential, so companies are feeling the pressure and acting fast to keep up with the rate of change”. To keep up, as a Chief Security Officer, you need to put your skills in risk management, information security and cyber security to use. Bring them to the Higher Education, Computer & Network Security and Computer Software sectors, as this is where demand for you is highest.

Are these your industries? See who is hiring Chief Security Officers at Talent’s Job board.

Expect to earn: $220k-$300k

2. Chief Technology Officer

In second place is the Chief Technology Officer. According to Lauren, “with newly created roles such as Chief Product Officer and Chief Digital Officer becoming more prevalent and their roles being customer/externally focused, CTO roles tend to be focused internally and focus on optimising all internal IT systems”.  You need to be technology agnostic but also mindful around bleeding edge technology. Your developers may be hyped about it but is it fit for purpose or clever marketing? With a lot of roles on this list, balance and informed decision making is key.

Expect to earn: $200k - $350k

1. Chief Information Officer

Taking in the number one spot as the highest paying tech job in Australia is the Chief Information Officer. Your position as an executive-level representative of all things ‘information’ is an exciting role, particularly in today’s rapidly changing tech landscape. So, what does your position look like in 2020? For starters, CIOs in 2020 are largely concerned with digital transformation and implementing strategies surrounding this. These strategies typically have a customer-centric focus, which is a trend that can be seen in a collection of C-Suite roles.

As a CIO, you should not only be skilled in IT strategy, business analysis and information technology, but also possess strong communication and leadership skills. You are guiding your company during a time of rapid transformation and disruption. You need to be able to use your knowledge and confidence to gear your team towards success.

Expect to earn: $300k - $400k

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