Should I automate my recruitment process?

Automation. What does it really mean? You hear it thrown around when talking about the future of work, but what does it mean in the context of recruitment? And why should you care?

As the world of work is evolving, technology is generating greater efficiencies in all aspects of our working lives, including recruitment. So should it be something you consider adopting in the workplace? The answer is yes. 

This is especially true right now, as Coronavirus has accelerated the digital transformation in business and what was once the exception in working lives is fast becoming the new normal.

With benefits in the way of increased cost savings and reduced time to hire, there should be nothing holding you back from letting the robots take over… to a certain extent, that is. Here’s why.


1. Find hidden gems

With an ever-growing talent pool, sourcing top candidates is shaping up to be an increasingly difficult task. Manually sifting through hundreds of resumes to find ‘right fit’ candidates is like looking for a needle in a haystack, difficult and time-consuming. 

This is where automation comes in. Applicant Tracking Systems have revolutionised the way top candidates can be extracted from the applicant pool. They help you find those hidden gems, without having to mine for them.

At Talent Solutions, we use a range of recruitment technologies to make the recruitment process the most efficient it can be for you. It must be stated though, while automation can help you count out those that don’t suit, we still need humans to interpret information to create meaningful shortlists.  At Talent, we use the power of applicant tracking systems in tangent with our human touch, to find the best of the best for your company. 


2. Save time

Scheduling interviews is one of the most tedious tasks in the recruitment process. From trying to align availabilities between yourself and your candidates, to actually scheduling meetings in, there is barely any time to do your own job! 

Automation in the form of new technologies, such as ChatBots, can take this off your hands so you have time to focus on more pressing tasks, like preparing for the actual interview. We are used to interacting with Chatbots in a variety of customer support environments, but they are real and useful in the recruitment world now too. With the advent of video sharing platforms like TikTok, people are increasingly comfortable creating videos of themselves. This is reflected in the increased use of video recording in recruitment. Pre-set questions combined with video recruitment tech is fast replacing the need for initial phone screening that takes up so much of a recruiter’s time. 


3. Stay in touch

According to applicant tracking system company, Newton, across all industries and job functions, on average, a company will receive 250 applications to a job posting. Imagine needing to send out personalised emails to each of these candidates! You will be chained to your desk for days. 

In technology recruitment today, the onus is so often on the business to identify and reach out to the talent directly. This leads recruitment teams to identify great passive talent in the marketplace and regularly communicate the employer brand until they are ready to join. This communication is important, but when you have a talent pool that’s this big, it’s no surprise that some candidates will slip through the cracks. 

Automation helps you seal everything together, making sure that no potential hire is forgotten. It can help you stay in touch with all your talent pool at once, while still maintaining a personal touch. Be it through reaching out with communications thanking applicants, or keeping in touch by updating them during each stage of the recruitment process – the focus is on making the candidate’s experience as positive as possible. It’s about valuing people, making each applicant feel appreciated and keeping them in the loop through every stage of recruitment. Even before they are actually looking.


4. Welcome aboard

Introducing new hires to an organisation is an important element of the recruitment process. According to human resources membership association, SHRM, employees who experienced a positive on-boarding process were 69% more likely to stay with an organisation for three years. It’s simple, make new employees feel welcome and you’ll increase loyalty. Fail to engage them during these initial stages, and they will be out the door faster than you can say ‘employment contract’.

Automation ensures that each new employee receives introductory information about the company so they can quickly become acquainted with the workplace and settle in. This can be sent to new hires prior to their commencement, during the preboarding stage, meaning that once their first day comes along, they’re ready to meet the team and start building these working relationships. Automation means more time can be allocated to the human side of things, making new hires feel truly welcome, and in turn, likely increasing their tenure.

Great outsourcing consultants now need to be able to recommend and deploy the best technology suited to their business, not their preferences. At Talent Solutions, we spend time reviewing the ever-growing options within the HR technology ecosystem and are then able to design a TA tech stack agnostically. This is part of solution design that then can become operational. We can manage the entire Talent Acquisition process for you, from workforce planning & requisition management, through the recruitment process, to offer management and managing on-boarding. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable onsite recruiters can help you every step of the way so you can rest assured that you have the best talent in your company. Let's get in touch.