Human 2: Bold leadership through crisis and change

Talent’s annual publication series, Human, brings insights to life through the real experiences of people who are transforming our working world. No stats, no numbers, just raw and honest stories.

In Human 2: Bold leadership through crisis and change, you’ll read deeply personal accounts from 20 successful leaders who have all navigated through difficult times. From surviving extraordinarily challenging childhoods, to making it through economic crises, adapting businesses to volatile market conditions, managing imposter syndrome and overcoming personal illnesses, every single one has had their own unique obstacles in the pathway to where they are now.

Their stories are refreshingly raw and vulnerable. Leaving behind the standard corporate jargon, these leaders collectively paint a picture of authenticity and empathy – traits that have always been essential components of leadership, now more important than ever.

  • "Looking back on my career, what I am most proud of is achieving change. I feel that you get more satisfaction when you do things that impact society rather than when you focus solely on creating individual wealth." - David Gonski // Business Leader, Company Director & Philanthropist

  • "The biggest challenge I’ve had to manage is being able to clearly separate my head and my heart in business. I conclude that you need both." - Jane Huxley // General Manager Spotify EMEA

  • "I believe what makes a great leader is empathy, empathy and more empathy." - Vanessa Sorenson // Managing Director Microsoft NZ

  • “There’s no point moving as quick as you can if no one’s behind you. What you’re going to build with others is so much more impactful and important than what you could have done on your own.” - Kon Karapanagiotidis 

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