Top Australian business leaders to come together for a live discussion on empathetic leadership

Three of Australia’s top business leaders will come together for a live discussion on empathetic leadership at an upcoming virtual event hosted by Talent and Yahoo Finance Australia

Australian businessman David Gonski AC, Salesforce ANZ CEO Pip Marlow and Talent CEO Mark Nielsen will share the challenges they’ve faced throughout their careers and the fundamental leadership lessons that all aspiring leaders need to hear.

The event will be streamed live on Yahoo Finance Australia from Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Wednesday February 3rd at 12pm AEDT. 

Georgie Dent, journalist, editor and author of the best-selling book ‘Breaking Badly’, will be moderating the event, exploring how these three successful leaders have made it to where they are today. 

‘Human 2 | Live from Sydney’ is being held in conjunction with the launch of Talent’s new book, ‘Human 2: Bold leadership through crisis and change’, which contains stories of vulnerable and authentic leadership told firsthand from 20 leaders across the world. 

Talent CEO and event panellist Mark Nielsen (Australian CEO of the Year 2018) said the book and event provide a refreshing take on the topic of leadership. 

“Much has been written about ‘vulnerable’ and ‘authentic’ leadership, but quite frankly a lot of it is fluff. Through this project we wanted to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk and we’re excited to partner with Yahoo Finance Australia to bring the lessons from these esteemed leaders to life.”

Paul Sigaloff, Managing Director at Verizon Media ANZ (Yahoo Finance Australia’s parent company) and one of the leaders published in Talent’s book, commented on the event:

“The role of empathetic leadership has never been more important. Having been involved in Talent’s ‘Human 2’ book, this was the resounding theme from my peers’ authentic and inspiring stories. We’re proud to partner with Talent and use our Yahoo Finance Australia platform to amplify these important lessons to a wider audience.”

Salesforce ANZ CEO and event panellist Pip Marlow said:
"The past year has proven how critical people-focused leadership is in business. That's why I’m thrilled to take part in this event, and have the opportunity to discuss how Australia's established and emerging leaders can better support its business, people and our communities.”

Human 2: Live from Sydney
February 3rd, 2021 at 12pm AEDT
Event website here 
Watch the live streamed event on Yahoo Finance Australia here
‘Human 2: Bold leadership through crisis and change’ is available for free download here.