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Fifth generation (5G) wireless technologies, augmented and virtual reality, Smart Cities and IoT. The telco sector hasn’t and doesn’t stand still. At Talent, neither do we. Technology evolved the telco. As the worlds of IT and telco continue to come together, we get you the right people to stay ahead of the game. From systems and test technicians, network operations, to portfolio and channel managers, we've got this.

Fast fact // We don't phone it in, we've placed 178 telco tech gurus in new roles with our clients this year. 

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I have been exceptionally impressed with the service and support through my application process with Talent. It was so refreshing to have dealt with someone who bridges the client expectation and candidate prospective so well. I know its takes lot of effort to make something look so effortless and you did it.....a BIG thank you!!!!!

Usha, Project Coordinator // Woolworths

Talent are professional and incredibly thorough when helping candidates navigate the job market. They are extremely knowledgeable within the IT space, and was instrumental in my career progression by introducing me to Qualtrics, a growing software company. Talent provided ongoing support and assistance with their rigorous 5-stage interview process, and I honestly couldn't imagine a more hands-on, hardworking and dedicated recruiter to work with!

Lauren, Account Executive // Qualtrics

Talent was pivotal in progressing my career. The Talent consultant worked closely with me to understand my career objectives, the type of roles I’d consider and therefore was able to put me forward for a role that suited me, with an employer that fit my values and objectives. I felt confident interviewing and ultimately was hired thanks to the work that Talent put in helping me prepare. Ultimately, I’m glad I worked with Talent to reduce the stress and risk often associated with career decisions!

James, Account Executive // Uber for Business

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