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Danielle Wren
29 days ago
Our client is a small government department who is seeking Systems/DevOps Engineer to join a small team administering and managing Linux and Windows-based high performance computing (HPC) clusters, mass data storage systems and supporting a diverse user base focused on scientific computing ranging from satellite image processing, climate science, machine learning and other innovative techniques using GPU accelerators.

Contract until June 30 2021 + possible extension
Dutton Park Location

This role is suited for someone who is willing to adapt their skills to a non-corporate environment, and is eager to help and support motivated scientists to solve environmental challenges.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Provide guidance on DevOps best practices and implement, maintain and optimise CI/CD pipelines, both on premise and/or in cloud.
  • Develop understanding of the department infrastructure and provide assistance with administering and maintaining a stable operating environment to support science teams.
  • Maximise opportunities for automation to best enable robust and repeatable processes.
  • Assist with managing Python environments with tools such as PyPi/ pip; Conda, Anaconda and Miniconda; Spack; Python virtual environments.
Essential Qualifications/Certifications/Skills
  • Proactive approach to user engagement, with the ability to prioritise work, and deliver work packages autonomously and as a team member.
  • Experience with DevOps/GitOps infrastructure deployment, management and optimisation.
Highly Desirable Qualifications/Certifications/Skills
  • Experience directly supporting users with varied IT skills levels within science or STEM related fields.
  • Knowledge and experience of Linux in a multi-user environment
  • Experience deploying source/version control systems such as Git, Mercurial and GitHub/ GitLab
  • Ability to communicate with and assist science users that are developing code in Python and R.
  • Basic software development familiarity in Python and management of python environments using tolls such as PyPi/pip, Conda; Python virtual environments. 
  •  Experience deploying automated CI/CD development tools such as Jenkins, Travis, Buildbot, Bamboo, GitLab/GitHub
  • Container build, registry and deployment experience with tools such as Docker and Singularity
  • Knowledge and experience of cloud resource deployment with products like Terraform
Desirable Qualifications/Certifications/Skills
  • Experience with science, data science or spatial information.
  • Experience with private / public cloud integration.
  • Familiar with solution architecture principles, practices and processes
To find out more please "Apply for this job" or contact Matt Brearley or Danielle Wren on (07) 3221 3333.

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