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Full Stack Developer // Digital Product // Sydney

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New South Wales
Up to $125,000 + Super
Job Type
Full Time
Alan Dowdall
5 months ago
The Product
Think Marketing, Creative and Digital Production and all of the digital assets that companies need to store, manage, access and use at different times. This workflow automation manages all of this seemlessly. It is scalable, customizable and plays nicely with almost all industry relevant tech (i.e. Adobe Experience Manager). In fact, at times it is the product of choice over AEM due to the level customization available. 

The Role
You will be working with a team of Developers, locally you will be involved in sprints, feature enhancement, product innovation and all those things you crave. There is a support team based offshore to help with some of the more labour intensive tasks which will allow you to continue to face the horizon. 

Tech Stack 
  • C#, .Net Framework and F# (which is not essential just willing to learn)
  • Javascript (React), HTML, CSS, you will also be working closely with a strong FE Developer
  • AWS for deployments
  • RavenDB (any document orientated Database experience is fine)
  • Restful API's

Additional Information
  • Documentation is not perfect, so you will need to get involved in getting this right
  • The Dev's we placed all were in agreement - the Product is amazing
  • They want to start implementing AI and Alogrithms to further enhance the product
  • If you are excited about tech and learning, you will have the opportunity to do so
  • The Head of Product is 100% supportive and understands balance of commercial VS technical roadmaps and feasibility

Important Stuff
  • Salary - Up to $125,000 + Super
  • Immediate start available
  • Interview process - 3 stages
  • No Technical Test - But you will be required to talk through some work you have done previously

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