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MS Teams Technical Support Officer

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New South Wales
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Anna Au
6 months ago
Microsoft Teams Technical Support Officer
6 Weeks Contract - Immediate Start

This role provides assistance for the user in troubleshooting and providing guidance on issues and resolution management during online real-time conferences. This role will also support in the creation and testing of Microsoft Teams channels for the delivery of online professional learning.

The Teaching Quality Unit will deliver professional learning for groups of 50-250 participants online through Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). This is complex logistical work that requires a lot of care and effort to preserve the user experience of the conference participants. What drives the complexity is most of the participants have barely any experience with online learning, in particular with MS Teams. In fact many may not have used MS Teams prior to the conference.

This role acts as a key support point for select groups within the professional learning events. The role is involved in supporting prototyping and trial runs before the events, and collectively coming up with processes to smoothly transition participants within different activities within the virtual conference.

Acting as virtual ushers, in that this role will guide participants through different virtual meetings rooms of different sizes. Practically this means guiding participant groups through different locations in teams such as channels and or meetings.

Primarily, this role is the support point for participants to get support during the live event.

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