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RPA Developer

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Melissa Haddah
about 2 months ago
  • 6 month contract +
  • WFH
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* Responsible for the design, development and delivery of robotic automation solutions.
* Collaborate with business stakeholders to design, and develop automation solutions using RPA technologies.
* Design, develop and configure simple, medium to complex robotic process automations per business process and requirements documentation.
* Design and develop methods to monitor and report on automation performance and increase utilization and process improvement.
* Schedule and administer RPA processes to ensure high utilization of the solutions.

Educational & Experience Requirements:
As a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer, you will have successfully delivered high-volume, repetitive business processes using both attended and unattended robots. You will have a combination of technical skills along with business process analysis to implement technology solutions to help streamline organizational tasks.

* A bachelor's degree and 3-5+ years of related work in the industry
* Hands-on experience in end-to-end development using UiPath /Automation Anywhere/Other RPA Tools
* Experience implementing automation process solutions in accordance with standard automation tool design principles
* Broad technical and IT knowledge including programming languages, databases and operating systems.
* Previous work designing process flows; building, testing, and implementing RPA solutions, ensuring quality results.
* Skill with staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments and provide production support.
* Experience with several coding languages such as C#, Python, ASP.Net, PL/SQL, JavaScript, VBScript, SOAP / REST Services would be beneficial.
* Agile Software Development Lifecycle experience
* The ability to identify and establish the technical implementation requirements in process design automation
* First-rate coder with 3-5 years of delivering solutions in challenging development roles, preferably with a focus on process design and automation; must demonstrate practical RPA delivery experience.
* Strong knowledge of Excel Automation and a good knowledge of ERP technology stacks

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