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Matt Brearley
about 1 year ago
As a part of the move to S/4 HANA the business requires assistance with a number of key deliverables relating to preparing data and structure in preparation for migration. 

You'll be working closely with the internal team, business stakeholders and vendors to ensure alignment before cut over. Reporting to the project manager you'll also liaise with other SAP specialist and technical data teams.

You will be responsible for; 
  • Develop, document and implement Material Standard:
  • Documented Material Standard and Process for the business materials and Services, based on an agreed International or Australian Standard;
  • Updated material descriptions and service definitions in SAP MM;
  • Increased number of materials AND services in SAP MM and PM due to rationalisation of materials.
  • Improvement of communication with vendors by using vendor material numbers on Purchase orders
  • Improved pricing information by vendor and material/service combinations, to enable creation and standardisation of contracts
  • New and/or improved Bills-of-Materials, reflecting the typical components and services needed to maintain standard assets (pieces of equipment     

Collecting data from selected vendors regarding recurring purchases of their materials and/or services:
  • Vendor material / service numbers
  • Prices
  • Delivery time
* Researching, presenting and selecting an International or Australian Material Standard that is appropriate for the businesses materials and modify if required
* Documenting the Material Standard as per the style guide - thus providing guidelines for taxonomy and cataloguing of materials and services;
* Reviewing current material descriptions and comparison with data collected from vendors, with the aim to
  • Improve/set a consistent taxonomy and standardise descriptions
  • Update material/service unit rates
  • Create many new materials and services
  • Determine which materials are to be kept in stock on a more permanent basis
* Grouping of materials and services. Considerations should be given to:
  • Determination of G/L accounts to be used for different groups
  • Analysis of consumption and stock categories
  • Cataloguing - improved ability to search for similar materials / services
* Assistance with the build-up of BOMs in SAP Asset Management, reflecting all potentially required components in the 'Construction types' (maintainable units in SAP work orders).

To find out more, please "Apply for this job" or contact Matt Brearley or Michael Tran on (07) 3221 3333.

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